Providing a convenient way for organizers to plan, promote, monetize, and deliver engaging event experience with a complete personalized app-based solution.

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electrovese on demand apps in-App Activity Feed
uber-like-electrovese, on demand app
uber-like-electrovese, on demand app
electrovese on demand apps Network & Chat
uber-like-electrovese, on demand app
uber-like-electrovese, on demand app
electrovese on demand apps Live Polls & Surveys
uber-like-electrovese, on demand app
uber-like-electrovese, on demand app
electrovese on demand apps Sponsors Section
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uber-like-electrovese, on demand app
electrovese on demand apps Notifications & Updates
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uber-like-electrovese, on demand app
electrovese on demand apps Leaderboard and Reviews
uber-like-electrovese, on demand app

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Personalized Theme

Provide a fully custom-designed app for your event to match your theme and constant experience.

In-app activity feed

Engaging in-app activity feed for users to interact, update and socialize with direct social integrations

Event Schedule

Share the complete event schedule for multiple days with parallel sessions and in-depth information.

Network & Chat

Help attendees break the ice with meaningful networking and in-app chat and meeting scheduler.

Speakers Profiles

Provide full speakers profiles to delegates and session details. Empower users for Q&A via app.

Live Polls & Surveys

Increase engagement with live polls & surveys. Encourage attendees to actively participate and even see results.

Sponsors Section

Provide sponsors with evident visibility on the mobile app with a dedicated section and lead generation opportunities.

Notifications & Updates

Use push notifications, and scheduled notifications for easy regular updates to your event attendees.

Advertise & Monetize

Unlock a new avenue to monetize through the mobile app with ads in popups, activity feed, and banners.

Leaderboard & Rewards

With Dynamic leaderboards, configurable engagement points make your event fun and competitive.

Multi-Mode Access

Delegate login via unique ID password, QR Codes, OTP based login for a seamless event experience.

Knowledge Centre

Display your company’s brochure, website links, annual report, and analytics and monetized through outsourcing.

About Organizers

A separate section for the Organizing committee with their detailed descriptions and profiles.


Provide emergency contact information onsite at the event which includes a list of emergency contacts of all the nearby security and hospital services.

City Guide

For delegates to get a better understanding of the area and allow them to explore it more deeply, app includes images of the area to accompany the audio tour, as well as a map of the area.

Language Translator

Use advanced technologies like google lens, voice recognition, and text conversion for an interactive experience

Live Stream & Recording

Provide live streaming and related content to provide engaging and informative videos to your delegates

Chatbot & Whatsapp Automation

Allow automated communication with delegates and other stakeholders through chat interfaces such as Whatsapp.


electrovese on demand apps

For Delegates/Attendees

Mobile Apps for hybrid event delegates.

electrovese on demand apps Event Schedule & Updates
electrovese on demand apps Networking & In-app Chat
electrovese on demand apps Ask Speakers Questions
electrovese on demand apps Live polling
electrovese on demand apps Easy access to Info on Mobile
electrovese on demand apps Rewards & Engagement
electrovese on demand apps City guide & audio tour
electrovese on demand apps Media gallery & Live stream

For Sponsors/Exhibitors

iOS, Android apps to help monetize events with sponsors.

electrovese on demand apps Exhibitor Profiles
electrovese on demand apps Sponsor List
electrovese on demand apps Meeting scheduler and Lead Forms
electrovese on demand apps Advertising options via activity feed, Banner, Pop-Up Ads,
and Promotional Notifications
electrovese on demand apps
electrovese on demand apps

For Event Organizers/Admins

Gives you full control, Overview and powerful Analytics.

electrovese on demand apps Customizable Branding
electrovese on demand apps Real-time event dashboard
electrovese on demand apps Track and Monitor Audience
electrovese on demand apps Update content dynamically
via web admin
electrovese on demand apps View Apps Analytics
and Reports
electrovese on demand apps Send/Schedule Notifications
electrovese on demand apps Manage Users
and Delegates
electrovese on demand apps Manage Sponsors,
Speakers, Events

Why Choose Us

At Electrovese we believe in quality is never an accident.

Off-the-shelf solutions tailor just common business needed and often failed to do justice to your unique ideas. We work closely as your tech partners to build a successful venture with our dedicated and reliable team.

Custom & Unique Design

Get a personalized and custom design for your app to provide your users a unique experience.

Robust & Flexible Code

Flexible code to tweak utilities of app with a strong robust backend deployed in multiple events.

Free Tech Support & Consultation

Get experienced resources, solution architects and consultants to help you with technical and business both.

Marketing & Design Services

Get in-house services for digital marketing, social media marketing and performance marketing and other design services.

Our Work Speaks for Us

Did you know most tech startups fail because they are not able to get the right team.
We are a game changer in the software development and branding services providing transparent, reliable and a tech-savy team who works closely for striking change than just an outsource partner.


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