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Blue Collar Services On Demand App

The blue-collar services market is a huge potential market with a never-ending tremendous demand. With the amalgamation of technology in each and every space consumers find it easy to get all their queries answered. Be it freelance work, or “gigs” as drivers, cleaners or delivery drivers having such a pool on mobile phones is really a benefit to all. Be it the workers working in industries ranging from cab driving, logistics, e-commerce, retail, hospitality, and facilities construction & management, etc everyone one of us does require a provider at disposal and what best if you could discover and hire them with a single tap on your smartphone. 

With a lot of startups exploring the domain, there are a lot of opportunities available in the market segment because of the lack of any recognized leaders in the segment. Also, these applications do have a localized or regional strength to expedite staffing and customer outreach. With the leader of the On-Demand Economy – Uber, the hailing on-demand Taxi application has been very actively been establishing and exploring the blue-collar services with Uber Works. There a lot of other players like – Instawork, Syft, Jobcase and WorkIndia who are doing great and establishing a strong presence in their regions. 

Do you have a blue-collar app idea? Or want to venture into an on-demand application business?

Then this is one of the safest and high potential opportunity you could venture into, here is why:

  • Low infrastructure cost
  • Proven freelance ventures for benchmark and precedence
  • Multiple platforms possibility in the same region
  • Easy and proven mobile technology available 
  • Featureful and Cross-functional responsibilities of marketing, sales, front desk, account management, and overall communication.

Did you know some of these facts related to the on-demand blue-collar services which could blow yourmind:

  • Xiaomi invests Rs. 42 Cr. in blue-collar recruitment platform WorkIndia.
  • Over 12 lakh jobs will be created by 2021 in India due to the increasing trend of the gig economy.
  • Today, large legacy companies count platforms as key tools in their staffing toolkits. With rising labor costs and dwindling availability, not only B2C but B2B opportunities also a strong market.
  • The research note said only 59 percent of blue-collar workers use online recruitment sites for job hunting, and it estimated that the proportion is likely to rise to more than 80 percent in two to three years. 
  • UrbanClap Inches Closer To Unicorn Club With Latest $933 Million Valuation.

Remember, the best startups aren’t always the first into a market — think Airbnb versus Couchsurfer and Facebook versus MySpace. Not to forget, with over 50 considerable acquisitions have happened in the segment in 2019. Over the decade, the world has seen an impressive 25x growth from a tiny $550 million in 2010 to $14.5 billion in 2019 in terms of the total funding raised by the startups. ManyMillion dollars of funds have been raised by such apps. 

What next?

Looking to start your app? Contact us for white label apps for Blue Collar services or any other On-Demand Economy Products

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 If you feel your business could benefit from hiring motivated workers available on-demand, or have a little idea back of your mind, willing to invest a little with returns for a lifetime, talk to our consultants for free. 

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