CoronaVirus(COVID-19) Fear boosts opportunities for On Demand Services and Errand Services

With the world being hit with the novel Coronavirus (COVID-19), originated from China and now spread to over 100 nations with over 1 lakh cases – the effect is here to stay for long. WHO recently declared it as a pandemic and many have been advised to isolate them and stay at home. People have started staying at home and have taken precautionary measures like avoiding public places, grocery stores and malls.

While we definitely pray and hope the spread of this fatal coronavirus is controlled and the global community comes out of this phase, still the effect of the same might extend to as much as a year with people fearful moving out and getting back to normal. 

The time does arise for entrepreneurs who come out with their innovations and solutions that help the society and solve problems the consumers might be facing lately. This could surely be an opportunity for entrepreneurs to come out with their ventures leveraging mobile technology and other digital technologies to penetrate amongst the target consumers who are refraining to go out and need different services and deliveries at their door step.

On-Demand applications like Blue Collar Service, Errand Services and applications that help you get anything from any place at your doorstep could definitely be one great opportunity if executed correctly could help someone establish a real sustainable customer base. Be it delivery services or providing any services at doorstep, businesses like these could find a boom during the coronavirus fear and self isolation period of customers. 

How long does it take to build an on demand handyman app?

Well you can be out in the market real quick if you already have any partial infrastructure available. We have an app concept which works more on a peer to peer basis and it can be implemented and kicked off very quickly. 

If you are a serial entrepreneur or exploring an opportunity for business during CoronaVirus and want to start your own mobile app business, we can help you do a contribution by providing a complete white-label product for market with 100% source code ownership and free 3 months AMC for the project after release. 

Interested in starting your on demand service application? 

Just fill in the form using this link and our solution expert will get in touch with you. 

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If you feel your business could benefit from hiring motivated workers available on-demand, or have a little idea back of your mind, willing to invest a little with returns for a lifetime, talk to our consultants for free. 

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