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You have probably heard about Automation & Bots but do you know what they are and how they work? Read on to find out more! Businesses globally have been adopting Chatbots for their website and social media but the engagement you get with Whatsapp Automation can help you grow your business conversions, engagement, and customer support tremendously. This blog Tells you more about it.


Whatsapp Business Automation:-


WhatsApp is the world’s most popular messaging platform with over 1 billion monthly active users.

WhatsApp has become so popular that many people use it for everything from sending messages to sharing photos and videos. Today the use of WhatsApp is not limited to a digital means of communication with friends & family. 

Digital platforms have been evolving and have made the optimum use of digital media to market businesses, communicate with customers, and sell their products or Service. WhatsApp Business Automation is another way for businesses today to market and service their Products/Services B2C, B2B, and D2C.

But how can you automate WhatsApp on Android or iPhone?


Use an AI Chatbot Today to Elevate Your Marketing Funnel


The WhatsApp chatbot is a great way to automate your business and get your customers on the platform.

A lot of people are already using it for marketing automation, customer support, and lead generation.

Bots are a type of software that uses artificial intelligence to automate tasks. The main benefit of using bots is that they can automate routine tasks and make them more efficient.

Bots are used in various ways, such as customer service, marketing, and phone call automation.

Bots can be used to answer customer questions or concerns by looking up information in a database and providing the response to the customer.

 Bots can also be used for marketing automation by sending automated messages about products or services to customers who have opted-in for these types of messages. 

Phone call automation is another way bots are being used in the workplace; typically, this type of bot will transcribe phone calls so they can be stored electronically for later reference.

Bots are becoming more and more popular. We can see them in every industry – from marketing to customer service.

The most popular are the ones that are enabled with WhatsApp. They allow us to automate some processes, such as sending marketing messages or following up with customers who have requested something from our business.


WhatsApp Automation and How Does it Work?


The Potential of WhatsApp Automation is Today & Beyond.


You can’t reply to each message and query if you have multiple people with different messages coming to you OR you want to send regular updates or updates to your customers in time. Here is where Whatsapp Bots/Whatsapp Automation comes in. 

WhatsApp automated messages are the replies sent to incoming messages from potential leads or existing customers on WhatsApp. These replies are scheduled automatically, with the help of Tools without the assistance of human customer support.

WhatsApp AI Bots are Changing the Face of Marketing. There are several ways to automate WhatsApp on Android and iOS devices. 

You can set up automated replies to messages, schedule when you receive particular messages, and even send out reminders to yourself or your customers. 

Direct marketing channels to communicate with customers like WhatsApp have become an asset for businesses. Customer dynamics are ever evolving and the increasing use of WhatsApp chat as a marketing platform gives businesses an edge to increase sales and provide an efficient and personalized user experience.

Businesses today can outreach and provide stellar customer support, using the power of automated chat to their advantage to increase sales with WhatsApp.

Business automation companies are more well-organized in their marketing strategies. 

Brands and companies like CRED, MakeMyTrip , Oyo Hotels, JioMart, Upstox are already leveraging WhatsApp Chatbot. These Companies have increased their sales with a better user experience and saved up long hours of work with minimum manual customer support.  

  • JioMart automated 45% of all customer queries via WhatsApp chatbot.
  • 1 million people were engaged with Eureka via WhatsApp
  • Oyo Hotels Chatbot decreased call center workload by 15%.
  • Upstox WhatsApp bot onboarded more than 220K customers.

With more than 2 billion users in 180+ countries, WhatsApp is a popular choice for sending instant messages and voice calling. Businesses can now connect directly with their customers and provide timely updates. 

According to Facebook IQ, 53% of users would buy from a company offering customer service via chat on Facebook Messenger or WhatsApp. Since many users are already familiar with its interface, it not only helps businesses reach their audience, the help of WhatsApp APIs, chatbots, and other automation tools simplify the entire process.

 WhatsApp automated messages use AI chatbots to reply to the user and provide information based on the keyword or instruction in the message. The replies are sent out instantly and do not need a dedicated human resource, making it easy for your customers to get immediate responses to their queries.

WhatsApp Automation can help you share resources and FAQs or even raise tickets in case the customer query making the entire customer experience seamless and efficient.


Leveraging WhatsApp Business Automation- Use Cases 


  • Automated quick replies.

A flawless user experience, Quick responses are the key to evolving markets and customer demands. To steer ahead of the competition WhatsApp Business Automation enhances your business to be more competitive and progressive.


  • Answer customer FAQs.

Customers seek quick support for grievances and that is what WhatsApp automation brings to the table.


  • Automated discounts and offers.

You can run automated marketing campaigns to reach out to your target audiences with the help of WhatsApp API Integration.


  • Automation buys up valuable time.

WhatsApp business automation gives your agents ample time to focus on more pressing issues. It Creates a funnel for agents that can be used to work on more effortlessly for customer support.


  • Improves your conversion rates.

The sales funnel gets a boost and acceleration with automated WhatsApp messages. It brings the potential lead closer to a purchase. Delighted customers are more likely to buy from you and become loyal consumers of your brand. 


A few Popular WhatsApp Bots are listed below:- 


  • Personal Shopper by Shoppers Stop 
  • Personalized Support by CEAT
  • Mr. Simple by Tata Mutual Fund
  • MyGov Corona Helpdesk
  • JioMart WhatsApp Bot by Reliance
  • WhatsApp Banking by HDFC



1. What are the features of Whatsapp Automation?


  • Automated message flows. 
  • Automated sales process. 
  • Proactive messaging.
  • Interactive Voice Response (IVR) call deflection.

2. What are the charges for Whatsapp Messages?


WhatsApp Business Platform conversations fall into two categories that are priced differently:


A conversation that initiates in response to a user message. Whenever a business replies to a user within the 24 hour customer service window, that message will be associated with a user-initiated conversation. Businesses can send free-form messages within this 24 hour customer service window.


A conversation that initiates from a business sending a user a message outside the 24 hour customer service window. Messages that initiate a business-initiated conversation will require a message template.

3. What do we need to start a Whatsapp Bot?


  • Request the WhatsApp Business API.
  • Draft an automated conversation.
  • Use a chatbot creator and a host in a database.
  • Test your Chatbot for WhatsApp.
  • Install the chatbot on a number.
  • Monitor and Improve your chatbot.

4. How can we get the official Verified Badge for Whatsapp?


You can apply for Green Tick after being approved for WhatsApp Business APIs. Very few businesses meet WhatsApp’s official business account criteria. WhatsApp typically grants Green Tick or an Official Business account to minimal and highly reputed businesses.

5. How can I use Whatsapp to sell my e-commerce products and services?


  • Download the WhatsApp Business app
  • Create a Business page.
  • Set opening times, welcome messages and business description
  • Download WhatsApp Web
  • Advertise both online and offline your business’ presence on WhatsApp
  • Manage incoming chats and start selling with WhatsApp Chatbots.

Advantages of using a WhatsApp chatbot for your business


WhatsApp chatbot offers a lot. From better Audience reach to better marketing an Automated ideal system to increase Sales.

Advantages of WhatsApp Chat Bot:- 

  •  24×7 availability for a better user experience. Faster, smarter agent routing.
  • Automated Replies and Lead forms for Quicker communication.
  • Performance that’s measurable, tangible, and consequently, actionable.
  • The product range that’s accessible with ease.
  • Builds a brand presence for better customer relationships.
  • Marketing and advertising that’s targeted and tailor-made. 
  • Personalisation with user data and rich media.


5 AI Bots Tools to Improve Your Marketing Strategy with Whats App


1. SendPulse

SendPulse allows you to send email and SMS campaigns, work with clients using chatbots for Telegram, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, and Instagram, and create landing pages in just 15 minutes.

2. Trengo

Trengo is a smart customer engagement platform that provides businesses with a shared inbox to manage team communication and interact with customers across multiple channels such as WhatsApp, emails, chat, social media platforms, and voice calls.

3. Twilio

Twilio is a customer engagement platform used by hundreds of thousands of businesses and more than ten million developers worldwide to build unique, personalized experiences for their customers.

4. Haptik

Haptik helps brands acquire, convert, engage and delight users with AI-driven, personalized, conversational experiences across 20 channels. 

Haptik’s Commerce platform goes beyond basic keyword research to understand buyer preferences & personalizes purchase prompts to increase conversions.

5. Wati

WATI is a WhatsApp Engagement Tool that is built on WhatsApp’s Official Business API. It includes a Shared Team Inbox, No Code Chatbot Builder, Contact Management and more.            


Build and Start your Whatsapp Business Marketing & Automation with Electrovese.

Explore WhatsApp Automation with Electrovese Solutions


We are here with our implementation experts if you are looking for an experienced and supportive team to help you set up your Whatsapp Bot and its journeys to help you generate more leads, sell your products via Whatsapp like JioMart and Lenskart or you want to provide customer support and query management for your business. 

Our team helps you with not only choosing the right partner but also setting up and implementing the ChatBot and Whatsapp bot seamlessly integrated with your current CRMs, software and provide training to your team. We do custom API based integrations for your apps and website as well to manage customers contacts and orders and help in smart handovers to live agents/ support team to answer Whatsapp queries. 

Our team encompasses experts in :- 

  • Lead Generation and Marketing
  • Solution Drafting and Product Design
  • Mobile and Web App Development
  • Service Integration and Setup
  • Digital and Social Media Marketing
  • Branding and Marketing Services

Have specific queries, you could write to us directly here and schedule a meeting. 

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