18 Features an On Demand Blue Collar App Should Have

With a lot of room available for customization and innovation, the future of on-demand services has been changing tremendously. The term ‘Blue-collar’ was coined in the early 1920s referring to the highly skilled workers, such as electricians, plumbers, carpenters, plant operators, etc. Apps like Urban Company, Taskrabbit, Uber for handyman and Takl, have changed the blue-collar industry at a skyrocketing speed. The constant increase in the usage of blue-collar apps has not only made our lives more easy, enjoyable and productive but has also brought a noticeable change in the way the blue-collar employees used to perform their daily tasks. 


Today, all it takes to find a blue-collar employee is a smartphone. The instant access to blue-collar applications is reshaping the conventional concept of home services by just a click. It saves time and energy. 


Without further ado, we have made a list of 18 must-have features that you should have in your blue-collar application to experience the best of services.



  • Simplified onboarding and registration 


Onboarding and easy registration process is the main thing that increases the likelihood of the users to adopt the app culture. A good onboarding process bridges the gap between the users and the app and makes the experience easy and effortless, whereas an easy registration process helps users by not alienating from your app. 


  1. Advanced Search Menu

The search bar menu allows users to look for their requirements. Adding a geolocation map integration in the app can help users find the requirement more easily. Also, integrating the app that streamlines the basic purpose of providing functionality helps users to understand the app better. 


  1. Visually appealing content

It goes with a phase ‘ First impression is the last impression’ and for users, it is the visuals that matter the most. Visually appealing pictures attract the users, boost engagement and drive attention. It is very important to incorporate visuals that go with your content and make users discover your brand more. 


  1. Detailed cost of the services

The detailed cost of all the services helps the user to decide from an array of services and to see what fits in the pocket. 


  1. Seamless Payment and Multiple Payment Models:

Mobile apps bring the flexibility of payment gateways with them. Any on-demand home services app you pick today will offer multiple payments via a credit/debit card, net banking and a digital wallet along with a cash mode of payment. It adds to customer convenience. 


  1. Real-Time Chat Bots/ Customer Care

Communication plays a crucial role in the improvement of services. 24*7 real-time customer support has become an integral part of all mobile apps. Through real-time communication, users can specify their demands, feedback, and complaints in the form of chat messages, which further helps the apps in further improvement.


  1. Real-time tracking

Real-time tracking records everything you do at work. One does not need to remember tasks or set alarms for it and manage costs in real-time. 


  1. Simplistic Booking, Scheduling, and Cancellation

No app can do good in the market if it doesn’t give the users the convenience of choosing the service at their times. The users must be able to book, schedule or cancel the service according to users’ needs.


  1. 24/7 real-time customer support

24/7 real-time customer support is essential to disseminate the confusion. Customer support bridges the barrier between the user and the app by creating a trustworthy relationship. 


  1. A separate user interface for customer and service provider

The difference between the thought approach of the customer and the seller makes it necessary to have a separate user interface for customer and service provider. the approach of the customer is utility oriented whereas the approach of the seller is that of profit-making. 


  1. Multi-Platform apps for higher reach: Android, iOS, Hybrid app and PWA.

Blue-collar apps create better chances of lead generation for service providers by connecting them to larger audiences and multi-platform apps like android, iOS, Hybrid and PWA helps the service provider reach larger audiences. 


  1. A segment for reviews, feedbacks

The reviews and ratings in the apps help to get an idea about the quality of work the app provides. Only when a home service provider matches the needs and expectations of the user it is only then the user continues with the service. 


  1. List of frequently and recommended services

These mobile applications offer the user the ease to view and choose from the frequently chosen services or recommended services. 


  1. Push notifications

Push notifications have become a game-changer for the majority of businesses over the years. They act as reminders to the users and increase the retention rate by two or three times. Push notifications are a great way to interact with your customers and are essential to disseminate marketing material like special discount coupons, offers, and deals. 


  1. Interactive banner 

An interactive banner captures the attention and focus of the user. The experience you create with the banner becomes the key to user retention. 


  1. Loyalty/Referral Program 

Since many customers are primary to every business, it becomes the need of the hour to turn the customers into your permanent customers. It is when loyalty or referral programs come into play. It keeps your clients hooked to your business. 


  1. A well-defined profile of service provider with Earning history, ratings received, marking their availability for service in calendar

By defining the profile of a service provider with earnings history, ratings and marking their availability for service in a calendar, the service provider adds flexibility to the users with better optimal solutions. 


  1. Reliability and Quality of Service:

Customers can make their own decisions based on the quality of the service, feedback, and reviews, etc. from an array of service providers.


Blue-collar mobile apps services make the lives of people much easier and comfortable. Being a proficient and trustworthy blue-collar mobile app development company we can take your business from ideation to reality. 

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