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18 Features an On Demand Blue Collar App Should Have

With a lot of room available for customization and innovation, the future of on-demand services has been changing tremendously. The term ‘Blue-collar’ was coined in the early 1920s referring to the highly skilled workers, such as electricians, plumbers, carpenters, plant operators, etc. Apps like Urban Company, Taskrabbit, Uber for handyman and Takl, have changed the …

CoronaVirus(COVID-19) Fear boosts opportunities for On Demand Services and Errand Services

With the world being hit with the novel Coronavirus (COVID-19), originated from China and now spread to over 100 nations with over 1 lakh cases – the effect is here to stay for long. WHO recently declared it as a pandemic and many have been advised to isolate them and stay at home. People have …

Blue Collar Services On Demand App

The blue-collar services market is a huge potential market with a never-ending tremendous demand. With the amalgamation of technology in each and every space consumers find it easy to get all their queries answered. Be it freelance work, or “gigs” as drivers, cleaners or delivery drivers having such a pool on mobile phones is really …

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